5x5 Cambodian Wavy Closure

This Wavy Closure is made with Raw Cambodian hair that has been gently steamed to acquire its wave pattern. It is a 5x5 swiss lace closure with 120%+ density. The knots are unbleached. The lace comes in a transparent color. The closure comes part free. Low to Medium Coarse texture.


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Rauh Hair holds itself to the highest standards with our hair and hair accessories, With the highest quality human hair ready to be installed and styled as soon as it hits your doorsteps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RAUH hair is a combination of four collections of 100% Raw Human Hair.  The collections comprise of Raw donor blend and single donor Raw Virgin Hair. The textures come either in their natural state or gently steam waved. Cuticles INTACT and in the same direction.
Raw Virgin Hair is hair that has been collected directly off of a donor's head with the correct cuticle alignment.  This hair is NOT chemically or heat treated in any way.  Hence its in the authentic organic state.
Weft sealing is done to further boost the longevity of the extension. It involves the application of a  liquid substance which is applied along the weft to increase the security of the strands, and further minimize shedding.  We provide weft sealing as a service for an additional cost.

RAUH is an acronym formed from the first letter of each of our lines and together is pronounced “raw”.

R-Runway, a line containing Straight Raw single donor hair sold in silky and relaxed textures.

A-Amplified, a line consisting of Wavy Raw single donor textures for a softer bouncy look.

U-Ultrapure, a collection of Raw Virgin single donor Wavy/Curly hair, fully organic and not altered in any way. i.e. no steam texturing. 

H-Hyped, a compilation of Raw single donor hair available in a variety of curly patterns.

We also now have the Exotique Beauty by RAUH Hair line which is a small combination of Raw donor blend textures at a more affordable cost.

The RAUH brand was birthed out of a genuine desire to create more transparency in the hair extension industry.  We founded the company with quality and affordability in mind. All of our extensions are cuticle intact and  aligned, absolutely no tangling/matting and secure wefts with very minimal shedding. Beautiful soft extensions with excellent luster, density and the ability to blend very well. You'll absolutely love our hair!
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