The Bougie Cross Collection Bundle Deal (Revamped)

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Want that Super High End Luxurious look but don't wanna break the bank? Introducing Bougie On A Budget, a Cross Collection Bundle Deal that combines the Extreme Luxury of the Silk Straight Texture with the Affordability of the UltraPure Straight, and of course when you bundle, you Save!!!

Runway Silk Straight - Raw Vietnamese Super Double Drawn hair that consists of very minimal fly-aways, gives that very high end super healthy, sleek look.

UltraPure Straight - Also Raw Vietnamese hair but Double Drawn, the bundles are full but more naturally tapers from top to bottom. (UltraPure Straight has replaced Exotique Straight)

Together - They make an Awesome bundle deal consisting of 2-3 UltraPure Straight bundles topped with 1 Runway Silk Straight bundle to achieve that glam look that we all love, while keeping on budget. And at a great bundle and save price.....This deal is amazing!

Each bundle is approximately 3.5 ounces and has been securely wefted. With the proper hair care regimen these extensions can last upwards of 3 years. Please note: Bundles come in a variety of dark and lighter brown natural colors completely dependent on each individual donor. 




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