Is Hair Care Really that Important?

Hey RAUHyalties!  Just thought I would drop a line or 2 on hair care because we get asked all the time.  Is proper hair care really all that important?  And we say a resounding YESSS! With Raw hair especially hair care can be the thin line between liking the hair, loving the hair or just not being too impressed,  Products do matter and some just don't work as well as others, It;s just like with our own natural textures, sometimes a product is bomb and others are just not that great.  And the funny thing about it is what works great for one does not necessarily work great for another,  Personally I find that with Raw hair since there are functioning cuticles involved they somehow interact with our own individual body chemistry and then act in a way that is kinda unique to that person.  The good news is that that way is typically never bad, but just slightly different making product use and styling follow slight to moderate variations in overall hair behavior.  I know it sounds crazy but it really is true.  For instance we have a motto over here at RAUH that life begins after the first installed wash.  You see, if you wash the hair in bundles (AS EVERY BEAUTIE SHOULD ALREADY BE DOING) the hair is soft and lush, feels and looks great and the cuticles have bonded with each other,  Once you unravel the bundle and install the hair the cuticles have now been shifted around and are now in new territory with new cuticle friends.  And to make the new friends all get along, a fresh wash where they are now set in place seems to always do the trick.  This theory is tried and true, so don't forget, whether you're wearing you hair installed in head or on a unit, True Life Begins after the First Installed Wash. It's the #TRUTH and don't let anybody tell you any different,  Also remember, very minimal styling product and infuse moisture (wash/co-wash/deep condition) every week.  Your extensions will Love you for it! Til next time.....

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