What's All the Hype about Raw & RAUH?

Hey RAUHyalties! Welcome to our Blog Site and first official Blog....Yayyyy.  We're so excited to bring you real time, open and honest dialogue about our extensions and the hair extension game in general.  As you might have already figured out, we are a hair extensions brand and we sell primarily Raw Vietnamese Hair and also Raw Cambodian and Chinese Remy. We sell our more affordable Vietnamese bundles under our Exotique Beauty Collection for all of you ladies who want to indulge on a budget.  We find that folks are becoming more and more intrigued by Raw hair and so I wanted to delve into the topic just a little today.


Raw hair is hair that has not been chemically processed in anyway and the strands have full cuticles and aligned in the correct direction all together from root to tip.  The strands have not been stripped in any way by acid or various chemicals so they are more dense and hence raw bundles tend to be fuller.  These bundles typically last an incredibly long time and ultimately give you THE BEST BANG for your buck!!!  The hair tends to have a great natural luster and in my opinion gives a much more gratifying wear than the typical process hairs on the market.  The natural texture of Raw hair ranges from bone straight to a wave pattern similar to a loose wave.  Raw hair typical originates from India, Cambodia and Vietnam.  It is also possible to source Raw hair from China but it's very very rare and of course privy to only a very select few,


So that's it in a nutshell, much much more to come for this Blog, hope you enjoy it, and remember Don't just wear it.....RAUHck it!

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